Integrative Nutrition for Optimal Health, 3/18/2023
Integrative Nutrition for Optimal Health online course, 3/18/23
Meditation, expressive writing, EFT, hypnosis and dreamwork
Tapping on the acupoints while repeating an EFT target phrase is like hitting the delete key to uninstall those unwanted programs through memory…
MRI studies were done of the lumbar spine, cervical spine, knee, and shoulder in asymptomatic volunteers showing abnormalities on up to half of the…
Slow deep breathing while repeating these simple mantras to increase my heart coherence: Open heart, Grateful heart, Joyful heart, Freedom Heart.
The meditations shift the brainwaves lower in frequency from beta to alpha to theta, but the big mystical moments are marked by bursts of high frequency…
Critical Care Specialists Pierre Kory and Paul Marik
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